Reading Muriel Rukeyser at 2 a.m.

"Doubletalk", detail – Version 2

(excerpt from The Life of Poetry (Introduction) :

“In times of crisis, we summon up our strength.

Then, if we are lucky, we are able to call every resource, every forgotten image that can leap to our quickening, every memory that can make us know our power.  And this luck is more than it seems to be: it depends on the long preparation of the self to be used.

In time of the crises of the spirit, we are aware of all our need, our need for each other and our need for our selves.  We call up, with all the strength of summoning we have, our fullness.  And then we turn; for it is a turning that we have prepared; and act.  The time of the turning may be very long.  It may hardly exist.”


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