Memory, Nostalgia, Otherness?. . .

What is it about old photographs or, as in this image, photocopies of my own hands—that almost undoes me? This old technology . . . these young hands.

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Mater Box

Mixed media assemblage; a work in process…… well as progress…

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Pulling older box assemblages out of “storage” and re-considering what I was (possibly) thinking about when making them (and also putting them away because they didn’t feel finished). Last night I was reading Donald Kuspit’s mid-1980’s interview with Louise Bourgeois, jotting down excerpts that mean something different and more real to me now than when I read them years ago. For instance, LB: “I am attacked by so many images when I think that I do not think straight. I see images next to each other or overlapping each other—the whole thing is visual; I think visually.”

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From a series of recent paintings…..

E’s Elegy — November, 2020

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For Anne, 1963-2015


Untitled; MPW, 2020 (watercolor)


Still you come to me sister

two or three times a week

in this blue water

as lifting my head I catch

the phantom blur of you

at the edge of the pool,

your body pitched forward,

waiting for the exact moment

I pass, alone as I am now

in this solitude,

my dull repetitive turning, arms mowing,

face down, face up, braced

for the briefest flick of something

like your fingertips

to graze my calf, right or left,

it doesn’t matter if you make for me

pleasure or pain, the imagined

feel of your nearness skirting my

numbness is enough,

wanting as I do what might be glimpsed

of you at the edge

where water meets


                                  (for Anne, 1963-2015)

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